Tips Regarding on How to Take Good Care Tulips

In the Western part, Netherland is known to be a tulip country. Tulips are known to be the national symbol of Netherland with 1500 varieties. Tulips are warm in color ranges in different color from pink, orange, yellow, red, blue and so on that are so bright and are extraordinary. This kind of flower bloom early mid and late season, some tulips are genetically bred to become kind of the first to bloom then the next wave the mid-season bloomers and late bloomers mixing all together.


When taking good care of tulip, proper storage and care are very essential. Make sure to keep the tulip bulb dry and well ventilated as well. Tulip is used to be planted in the fall from September to December so do not plant it early. Their bulb can rot in wet soil so be sure to plant the bulb in areas that have a good drainage system. In planting, pick sunny site because tulips do not grow well in shade and should protect the petals from pests for they are sensitive.You can have your business of tulips use as online selling and marketing. This will gonna help you big in your life.


The bulb should be planted by groups of ten if you will put in a perennial border, and space them a couple of inches apart that you need to dig each hole 3 times as the tulip bulb’s tall. You should set the bulb so the end point is facing up. Now after the tulip bulb is planted, thoroughly water them and cover the area with the use of mulch pine bark or shredded leaves as protection. It does not give any expert advice for you.

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