The first Dutch King: Willem- Alexander Claus George Ferdinand

Willem- Alexander Claus George Ferdinand is the first Dutch King of Netherlands. On January 28, 2013, her mother, Beatrix announced her plan of renouncing her throne and on the morning of April 30, she signed the instrument of resignation. Following that afternoon, Willem-Alexander was inaugurated as king. He was born on April 27, 1967, in Utrecht, he is the oldest child of the former Beatrix of the Netherlands and German diplomat Claus Van Amberg.

He is a native Dutch boy, who is crazy about sports with the most- speed skating and football that most Dutch people excel the most. Due to his passion for sports, he is an honorable member of the Olympic Committee as well. He always showed himself not to be intellectual but intelligent. Just as normal people do, he used to drink a lot of beer that made him once to drive his car into the canal in Leiden. Most people here visit this good beauty company for service, click here 診所. He is married to Queen Maxima who is an Argentine and they have three daughters, Ariane, Alexa and the crown princess Amalia.

Willem-Alexander does excel in the popularity stakes that scored 7.3 in 2016 poll basically for being a nice person. Almost 70% percent of Dutch said that they are satisfied with the way he filling his position. As the king of Netherland, Willem-Alexander has weekly meetings with the prime minister and speak regularly with the ministers as well as share secretaries. He has also the duty and sign all new Acts of Parliament and royal decrees. As the king, he represents the kingdom at home and abroad.

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