Some Facts About The Country of Netherlands

The country of Netherlands has one of a kind geographical position in Europe that is bordered by both country of Belgium and Germany, it has the probability to be flooded always because 26% of its area is below sea level but the people become experts in keeping the waters at bay. Another fact that define Netherland is its people who are now regarded as the tallest man in the world, Dutch man is 184 centimeters making it the tallest following by the Americans.


It is also here where we can find the largest Brewing Company Heineken being sold in over 170 countries around the world, the wealthiest producers of beer on the planet. Dutch are also known as sweet eaters for having many of their national treats such as stroopwafel, and Ally Boland. It is also said that 30 percent of all their births occur at home for their wide network of certified midwives. Another most common in this country is their wooden clogs and wooden windmills known as clopin being use for industrial footwear and commonly used by factory workers, fisherman and farmers and is also use for fashion, today windmills are characteristic of Dutch landscape and a symbol of Dutch struggle with waters.


Netherlands is also a home where more bikes than people, almost all Dutch are fond of using a bicycle. Dutch persons speak multiple of languages, aside from speaking English, they are also taught in school to learn German, French languages and autocad. With positivity they have the advantage to be employed in many countries.

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