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When you visit Netherlands, you can hear many people stating that you should go outside of Hollands and go into the rest of Netherlands. Actually, that can be falsity. Netherlands is rather a very flexible country and it depends on your own personal interest on what sites you are looking for. Of what pleases you the most. If you are young, wild and free and want to get a good night life, just visit the student cities with a university. Typical examples are Utrecht, Leiden, Enscheded/Hengelo, Eindhover, Groningen, Edindhoven, Amsterdam and to a lesser extent Arnhem, Rotterdam and the Hague.


If you want to visit museums, you cannot go by Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Leiden but there are a lot of ways across the country. If you want to experience the open and enchanting views, and natural resource, go to any province in the North. For forestry and wild life, you have to be in the east and south-east coast.
Amsterdam, Netherlands, Channel


If you are want to see a modern architecture, go to Rotterdam definitely. Beaches are the west coast product. If you are looking for the crowd, Amsterdam is where offerings are abundant. But you should take note that the local people here do not think you are a visitor but a client.


Overall, people in Netherlands are generally good. They do not cheat and are very professional to people. Netherlands is full of culture and people who know how to respect. A lot of people compliment Netherlands as a home of beautiful women. People here live abundantly with all prosperity.