Netherlands, Hallo ~

Rotterdam, Skyline, Architecture



Netherlands is a country known for its high GDP per capita.  Netherlands people are called Dutch. They have high standards in terms of food and fashion. the following are some of the most known ideas regarding Dutch people. Netherlands is famous for making land marks into water. They are also considered as one of the tallest in the world. It is known as the land of giants. Their men can go as high as 1.84 meters while women can go as high as 1.71 meters. Heineken which is a famous brand of beer is well-known all through out the world. This is in fact a normal product in Netherlands which means you might get it cheap.



Netherlands, Landscape, Sky, Clouds


Netherlands is also known for windmills but these are not stereotype things anymore. As a matter of fact, it is now only for tourists. Orange is the national color of the nation this is why you can see many orange color around the country. The country is located below sea level. Thus, the weather is hot. It not that too hot but moderate. You will find out that the country has the most production of bicycles. In fact, it is estimated than one person has more than one bicycle.


It is not to boast but the nation of Netherlands is rich in culture and tradition. Cultivated flower fields are some beautiful attractions that will definitely catch your soul. Netherlands offer more than what you know and what you see. Visit the place and surely, you will yearn for more.